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I have spent 30 years leading teams of varying sizes from 5 to 3,000 within life-sciences, high-tech, and B2B. As I reflect back on the incredible successes these teams achieved, as well as the failures we endured, I found there were three key factors, regardless of industry, that I truly believe are the foundational principles of enduring success – Leadership, Culture, and Execution.

When done well, the three coexist in a harmony that is both impressive and revered by those within the company as well as those on the outside peering in who wish they had an opportunity to be part of something truly great.

  • Strong leadership drives an engaging culture, and more often than not, a belief that to be the best we must execute the best
  • Engaging cultures allow for mistakes but also reward performance, which in turn drives loyalty and passion by the organization’s people
  • Flawless and consistent execution allows it all to happen

Indeed, I have been fortunate to have personally lived the positive impact these three critical factors can have on a business when done well. However, I have also seen the disastrous effect that a lack of either one of the three can have on a brand, an organization, and most importantly, the people within those businesses.

Leadership, Culture, Execution. In my mind, they are the all-powerful triumvirate of business. Together they can transcend less-than-perfect brands, markets, and economic conditions. Yet they are so fragile that a fall in one can bring the entire organization to its knees.

It is with this belief that I share my personal perspectives, insights, and stories about the great, and the not so great, examples of leadership, culture and execution I have experienced throughout my career. You may agree with my thoughts or you may not, but either way, I hope each blog gives you a little something to think about, at least ponder for a moment, how the topic within could impact your future leadership.

Here’s to furthering strong leadership, engaging cultures, and flawless execution!

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